• Spell Gone Awry: Dark Fantasy Illustration for D&D Campaign, Featuring Fire Mage and Roll Outcomes

    Task: I was tasked with creating an illustration for a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) game manual, illustrating the consequences of a failed spellcasting when a player rolls a specific combination of dice. The focus was to be on the spellcaster and the dire aftermath of a poorly uttered spell, resulting in widespread destruction and death. The illustration depicts a Fire Mage amidst burning and charred buildings, surrounded by deceased charred individuals and creatures. Additionally, the top portion of the illustration was designated for housing a table displaying the dice roll values, overlaying the imagery. Therefore, it was decided to use light tones for the background to ensure a stark contrast with the black-colored table.

  • One of the heroes in a science fiction novel brutally dispatches a desert raider

     Task: Create an illustration for a science fiction novel set on different planets. The illustration should depict a scene where one of the main characters viciously eliminates an assassin sent to kill him. In this post-apocalyptic world, remnants of advanced technology coexist with the harsh realities of survival.

  • A brutal and bloody confrontation between an alien beast and gladiators in an underground arena

    Task: The task was to create an illustration for a fantasy novel. The action takes place in an underground amphitheater on a planet where gladiatorial battles are held with combatants from various planets. In this scene, an alien beast is released from an underground door onto the arena and brutally dispatches one of the gladiators, literally smearing him across the arena. The second gladiator, clad in heavy cybernetic armor made of living slimes, has little chance of defeating the beast, but she has no choice.



  • Desert city for a fantasy novel

    Tasked with illustrating a series of fantastical worlds, this image depicts one of the cities on a planet with a desert climate. The city is situated in the midst of a barren landscape and serves as a hub where merchants and travelers congregate. Surrounding the city is a wall intended to protect it from the harsh winds, while within the city there are water extraction stations. Above the main gate, it is customary to display the severed heads of criminals, underscoring the brutal and savage nature of this world. In the foreground, we see two brothers with their pet and draft animal, pulling a cart as they head towards the city.

    The image is presented in a reduced size.

  • Wounding One

     The task was to create an illustration for a magazine cover about dreamers featuring a giant monster known as the Wounding One. The Wounding One, blind and wearing a bandage over its eyes, wields a huge cleaver while inside a massive temple. Dreamers run in terror from it as the Wounding One kills and mutilates them with its cleaver, inspiring horror and disgust. The only way to escape the Wounding One is to not follow the other dreamers and run in the opposite direction.

  • Ogre

    I had to draw concept art of the Ogre character. This is an image for the game, illustrating the character that the player will meet on the way.

  • Set of 9 Landscapes and Interiors for Metal Music Website (Environment Design)

    For the metal music website, dedicated to metal music, I created a series of landscapes that represent the different moods of metal music styles. For example, the red infernal landscape at the bottom represents the death metal style and so on.

    I also created icons for the same representation of metal music styles for this website. Different metal music styles are represented by different types of skulls. That is, the skulls represent the main metal music styles, and the environment illustrations symbolize the mood of these main music styles.

    Expressive skull icons for the main metal music styles are also included in my portfolio.

  • Illustration Set for a Dark Fantasy Card Game

    Task: The task involved creating illustrations for a dark fantasy-themed card game.

    This comprehensive set showcases a range of illustrations for cards, each with a different in-game value, spanning from low-cost to high-value. The three card categories featured from left to right are common cards, rare cards, and epic cards.

    The illustrations bring to life various scenes, including necromancers in a library, undead creatures engaged in Etherium experiments, imagery featuring Ethereum and Bitcoin coins, the Library Keeper, eerie spiders adorning the library's ceiling, a nimble-fingered thief stealthily pilfering a magic book, a vigilant guardian stationed at the library's entrance, ornate figurines, and more.

    Additionally, I've undertaken the design of two distinct card types for this game, and you can explore them further within my portfolio.

  • Skulls as Icons for a Metal Music Website

    Task: The task was to create 9 icons for a metal music website, each representing a different sub-genre of metal such as gothic metal, doom metal, heavy metal, and more. The chosen theme for the icons was skulls, which were incorporated in various ways to depict the different sub-genres.

  • Undead Warrior Draining Life from Roman Legionnaire - Card Illustration

    Description: This artwork was commissioned for a card in the "Ashentaron: Rebirth" card game. The illustration portrays an undead warrior clad in armor, impaling a fellow figure in armor with a sword while siphoning their life force.

  • Knight with Two-Handed Sword for the Game

    Task: To create a Main menu screen and Game App Icon for a medieval-themed game, the objective was to illustrate a knight. The artwork portrays a fully armored knight wielding a two-handed sword amidst the chaos of battle.

  • Fairy in the Night Forest

    Task: Create a fairy-tale illustration in a fantasy style for the website's footer, featuring a fairy-like creature in a nighttime forest.

  • The Awakening of Damien's Power

    Task: This illustration is part of a book in which I needed to portray Damien's initial awakening of magical abilities. Damien is an elf who is holding a human.

    In the book's storyline, he holds a tall man against a wall with one hand. He possesses a unique gaze described in the book as gray tendrils of mist, through which he can manipulate the minds of individuals.

  • Set of dark fantasy illustrations for the collectible card game "Ashentaron: Revival" (24 pieces)

    Task: The task was to create a set of illustrations in the dark fantasy style for a tabletop collectible card game (CCG).

    The game is called "Ashentaron: Revival".

    The illustrations are for the Death deck and feature various characters and items such as a necromancer, zombies, a grim reaper, a vial of souls, haruspex tools, a vampire crossbow, a drought, and infected soil.

    Each card measures 63x88 mm.

  • Resurrection of the Undead

    In the context of a dark fantasy collectible card game (CCG), the task was to create game cards. This particular card is titled "Resurrection of the Undead."

  • Night Cemetery

    This is one of the illustrations I created for a fantasy-themed card game a few years ago. It features a nighttime landscape with ancient crypts and gravestones.


Dark fantasy

The dark charm of the dark worlds

Dark fantasy is a type of fantasy setting in which the idea of ​​a magical world intersects with the horror tradition. I love and I can visually convey the gloomy charm of dark worlds. This is the main area in which I have gained considerable experience.

I can create for you:

  1. characters: dark elves, powerful berserkers, evil dead, etc.;
  2. illustrations for articles, literary works, book and magazine covers;
  3. art for board games;
  4. game backgrounds and entourage

 A lot is possible in the dark fantasy genre, it provides a huge space for the imagination of the game developer, writer, artist. From the classic fantasy worlds of Moorcock and Sapkowski to the whimsical tangle of magic and technology inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower.

Let's embody your gloomy fantasies in color together.